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Why Inkfish Brushes?

Our Philosphy

We at Inkfish Inspired believe that you should be able to demand quality and expect value. Our aim is to provide you both, along with excellent customer service. Because of that, we are able to provide you the best car wash brushes and boat brushes that money can buy.

Bringing Quality

Our brushes are made with 100% hog’s hair bristles and high-quality aluminum. This makes them lighter, stronger, and ensures they will last longer than other brushes.

  • Inkfish uses top of the line premium hogs hair bristles in all of our brushes
  • Natural Soft Hogs Hair Bristles
  • Long, 4.5″ exposed bristle length with feather tip which holds more water and soap
  • Rugged lightweight aluminum head with rubber bumper gasket
  • Blue, Black, Red bumpers available
  • Your customers will see and feel the difference using Inkfish Foam Brushes
  • 90 Day Manufacturer’s warranty
  • Lasts longer than other Quality Hogs Hair FOAM Brushes 

The Inkfish Difference

The Inkfish Difference comes from more than just the high-quality materials used. Attention is paid to the way the bristles are prepared, and the angle and amount of bristles in each hole of the brush.

Inkfish cares. Our brushes are made of boar’s hair, which is softer than either pig’s hair or horse hair. The bristles are shaved off the boar, leaving it alive, healthy, and happy

Making the Difference in Car Wash Brushes!

A little over six years ago, Inkfish discovered that they could create but design carwash brushes that were better and for less money. We pass on these savings to you!


Our brushes are made from the best materials. The aluminum heads are made from high quality aluminum which makes them not only stronger but lighter. Our bristles are 100% natural hog’s hair.

The materials are only one part of our quality and value formula. Our brushes are made with a unique process to prepare the bristles and the angle and amount of bristles in each hole ensure your new Inkfish brush will be the best you have ever used!  Your customers will notice the difference too!

See Them in Use: