“In the highly  competitive market of custom designed eyewear INKFISH is bringing its  newest product to market in Spring of 2017 – SlimViews® Reading Glasses.”


David Colangelo, president, and CEO of  INKFISH INSPIRED is a successful businessman, an entrepreneur and a  visionary.  Over the course of almost three decades, his incisive eye  for the world around him combined with his discerning ability to turn  simple ideas into reality led him to the development and introduction of  SlimViews® reading glasses.  A  longtime user of reading glasses David became frustrated with the lack  of style options available in the eyewear marketplace.  He wanted a  reader alternative that would not only be practical, fun, distinctive -  and compliment the lifestyle of the individuals that use them.  Through  this idea, the launch of the SlimViews® reading glasses brand was founded.  You could say David Colangelo is a true visionary - in the vision industry!

Three years in the making, and one year in quality-testing and production, SlimViews® reading glasses were developed.  Manufactured using high-density acrylic lens material SlimViews®  offer the user a crystal clear perspective of what they are reading.   The frames, used in high-quality eyeglasses today, were designed to  comfortably hug the contours of the face and fit comfortably on the  nose.  The glasses, which are extremely lightweight, may actually cause  you to forget you are even wearing glasses at all.  

Another unique aspect about SlimViews® is that they are considered Half-READERS  (versus the standard full readers on the market today) which means they  can be worn (and remain) in the middle of your nose while looking at  your watch, your phone or the morning paper.  You can easily carry on a  conversation with another person -  without having to remove the glasses  from your face.  The SlimViews®  compact profile allows you to comfortably look over the lens without  causing any eye strain or have to take off the glasses like you would a  normal pair of READERS. 

SlimViews® half-reading glasses are available in seven distinctive and contemporary colors including mint, oceanic, tangelo, bubblegum, fireball, onyx lightweight, durable and offers reduced reflection for the user.  SHOP FOR THEM HERE!