As the process continues from product development to manufacturing to creatives services, INKFISH Inspired also offers solutions to support every step of the marketing and sales cycle for your new product. From identifying potential customers to keeping you in touch with prospects and customers through email marketing, direct mail, and website marketing, we’ll help you open doors and close deals that bring you new revenue sources and new market opportunities.

Through our marketing and sales staff, we will assist and guide you through the complexities of marketing your product, target your ideal customers, create a unique value proposition, define your marketing strategy and tactics, and ultimately roll out your marketing campaign if desired.

Our branding and public relations professionals share a common goal of providing the most dynamic and innovative marketing ideas available to you.  Generally, a new product lifecycle has a duration of about 18 -24 months.  The campaign you use during the introduction and education phase of your product launch may need to be updated as your product or matures. If you're monitoring your marketing results carefully, you may see when it's time to revise the product or service itself, alter your media message, or even phase out this particular offering and with the assistance of INKFISH Inspired lay the groundwork for the launch of your next great idea!

By combining the specific ideas behind marketing and sales strategies, you will then be prepared to move forward with your “go-to-market” plans.  INKFISH can assist your new product roll-out by providing the dedicated support to positively impact your company’s bottom-line.