To begin the prototype process, we will need  you to share drawings, photographs or renderings of the product you wish  to have manufactured.  If you have a product idea that needs  prototyping, we will do our very best to match your specifications and  deliver the desired results.

Through our technology and engineering sources throughout Asia, we’ll  locate a reliable manufacturer who can produce your product.   Subsequently, a price quotation is then issued by INKFISH, with the  freight included to the customs port nearest to you. We can provide  products completely assembled and packaged, according to your  specifications.

Upon prototype approval - you’re ready to proceed.  You would then  place an order for the production of the product. A deposit will then be  required for the production run, and your order will be provided.  The  factory would then provide you with a sample to approve before the  production lot would be manufactured. We will work with you and the  factory to ensure that the product you would like to have produced is  made to match your specifications.

Whatever the product may be it will need to be manufactured. Our over  50-years of combined production experience has taught us that involving  possible manufacturers early in the design phase and particularly  through the prototyping phase makes the transition from design to  production much more economical and efficient.  Trust INKFISH to manage  the prototyping process and deliver the desired specifications to the  manufacturing facility.