Product Development


Successful product development is the cornerstone by which INKFISH  Inspired (INKFISH) is built.  Often, the product development process can  best be described as integrating strategy, organization, conceptual  thinking, product marketing and quality control into the ultimate goal  of launching a product into the commercial marketplace.  INKFISH takes  pride in capturing the essence of each of these development components  to deliver and satisfy the requirements of its clients and end-users.

The basic premise behind an INKFISH developed product starts with  either the creation of an entirely new product or perhaps upgrading an  existing product by exploring all possibilities and alternatives.  Contributing factors to a successful production are at times found  through the innovation of a new or an existing product to deliver better  and enhanced services to end-users.

Continuous improvement of a new product or enhancing an existing  product is achieved by giving preference to satisfy the demand of our  clients.  Finally, improving the value of a new product or upgrading  features of an actual product, for the personal and commercial use, are  used to achieve the defined goal (objective).  Examples of “added value”  and “upgraded features” could be the use of lightweight materials,  energy efficient components, added durability as well as enhanced  consumer appeal.

Every product has to start with an idea. In some cases, this might be  a straight-forward design, basing the new product on something similar  that already exists. In other cases, it may be something new and unique,  which may mean the idea generation part of the process is much more  involved. Regardless of the situation, INKFISH will take your idea from  concept to marketplace and make it happen for your business!