Overseas Manufacturing


The INKFISH Inspired (INKFISH) management team has over  50 years of combined experience sourcing the most efficient and  productive manufacturing facilities throughout Asia. Our central  objective is to provide expert manufacturing guidance for you to  identify the factory that is best suited to produce your products.  Our  premier manufacturing partners are strategically located in the Hong  Kong, China, Taiwan and South Korean markets.

INKFISH brings a “can-do” attitude to every project we take on.  No  project is too small nor too large for us to manage.  We understand the  process that must occur to complete projects efficiently on-time and  within our clients' budget.

The foundation behind INKFISH’s Asian manufacturing capabilities is  built around a strong team of technology partners.  From CAD engineers  to injection molders.  From CNC machine shops to custom prototype  designers, INKFISH will connect your vision to the experts that are best  suited to deliver your custom manufactured products.

Manufacturers in Asia can complete the required manufacturing process  quickly and efficiently.  Without the dedicated assistance of companies  like INKFISH, entrepreneurs and business owners in the US and around  the world would most likely be required to source the various services  such CAD design, prototyping, packaging, printing and shipping and  ultimately the manufacturing individually adding a negative impact on  the profitability of the project/product.

Understanding the TRUE cost of manufacturing in Asia is a complicated  process.  Our decades of combined manufacturing experience in this  region of the world has enabled us to identify what it takes to  manufacture your products cost-effectively.  Our customers trust INKFISH  Inspired to represent them while meeting the challenges associated with  overseas manufacturing.