Once INKFISH Inspired has successfully managed the manufacturing of  your new product, you must then comply with local shipping regulations.  INKFISH will obtain the services of a local customs broker to clear the  shipment through customs.  Local agents have many more choices in  selecting the best routing, carrier and shipping rates. They also can  more easily adapt and change their operations to cater directly to you.

Often there will be vital paperwork/administration, currency  exchange, language barriers and strict export procedures to consider.  Every country will have different regulations that have to be fully  understood and met by the international freight provider.  By these  regulations, INKFISH Inspired will make every attempt to ensure safe and  efficient transport of your product(s).

As an extension to the support services provided by INKFISH on the  administrative side, there are other key areas for you to consider.   INKFISH will watch over your shipment to ensure you are being dealt with  properly and within the law.  When applicable, we will be sensitive to  potential tariffs that may be placed on your products before shipment.

Lastly and perhaps most important, if you want to be able to stop  individuals from manufacturing and potentially selling your product in  the region, then you must have a corresponding and legal patent. When  you have patent rights in the region, you can stop companies from  duplicating your product and also for using your trademark.  Invention  patents protect a product or process.   Let INKFISH Inspired focus on  the details of off-shore manufacturing, so that you can focus on growing  your business.