To  be successful in today’s ultra-competitive marketplaces around the  world, you must first believe in your vision, your plan, your team and  ultimately your company!  INKFISH Inspired, LLC, based in Tampa,  Florida, does just that.  A company built on proven experience and solid  trust from their customers', INKFISH Inspired is a company that creates  and develops not only their unique products for niche retail markets  but will also help you develop and manufacturer your vision and products  as well.

INKFISH  Inspired takes on the most challenging product development projects with  a “can-do attitude” of “let’s do what it takes to deliver our  customer’s vision” and provide the most effective turn-key solutions for  our customers.  Delivering new products across many markets, INKFISH  Inspired provides its customers not only production efficiencies but  also professional support in the areas of overseas manufacturing,  product development, creative design services, sales + marketing  support, global distribution/logistics as well as product prototyping. Built  on decades of experience in developing brands and driven by a firm  “go-to-market” attitude, INKFISH Inspired is a company that has the  horsepower to turn your vision and ideas into reality!  Contact us  today, to see how we can help you.

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Meet The team

David Colangelo

President & CEO

The man and inspiration behind the “fish with an attitude.”David Colangelo is the President and CEO of INKFISH Inspired, LLC.  An entrepreneur with over 30 years of business development experience in corporate and brand roll-out initiatives, Mr. Colangelo has a proven and successful business record.

David’s extensive brand development career began in 1980, where he held numerous management positions, with one of the most recognized and largest direct mail companies in the United States, ValPak.  Mr. Colangelo’s career expanded in 1990 as he was the founder and co-owner of Sun Time Enterprises, Inc. (with his two brothers) where he built and opened national channels of manufacturing and retail distribution for NFL, MLB, NCAA and NASCAR licensed merchandise in which the company marketed sports watches and various consumer goods.  Sun Time Enterprises reached a sales plateau of $23.5m with only a mere $3k investment!

Mr. Colangelo’s management strengths reside in the execution and deployment of import/export operations, international product development through his strong Far Eastern business relationships in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and throughout Asia, contract negotiations as well as global sales and marketing management.

In 1999, Mr. Colangelo, along with his two brothers earned the prestigious recognition of being named “Entrepreneur of the Year” in the state of Florida with Sun Time Enterprises. David also served as Vice-President of Momentum Sales & Marketing upon its inception in 2001.Born and raised in Northeast Pennsylvania, Mr. Colangelo now resides in Tampa, Florida. David can be reached at: dcolangelo@inkfishinspired.com

Blaine Haverty

Graphic Designer

Blaine Haverty works as Graphic Designer for INKFISH Inspired, LLC.  An accomplished graphic designer, Blaine is best known for his innovative design creativity in the areas of corporate identity branding and new product development. Blaine’s began his graphic design career in 1997 with Sun-Time Enterprises in Clearwater, Florida where he created dynamic artwork for licensed sports teams such as NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, COLLEGIATE and NASCAR sports watches, themed clocks and golf-related products.  The impact Blaine had on the designs lead the company to become one of the most sought-after advertising specialty products in the licensed sports marketplace. 

Building upon his success with Sun-Time Enterprises, Blaine took his talents to mid-level graphic design positions with two Clearwater-based companies: Sure-Feed Engineering as well as Pitney Bowes Direct Mail.  With this positions, Blaine concentrated his efforts on maintaining corporate identity and branding guidelines as well as providing marketing materials to support the sales and marketing efforts of the companies.

In early 2016 Mr. Haverty once again joined forces with the long-time business associate, David Colangelo and became Senior Graphic Designer with INKFISH Inspired.  Blaine and David also previously worked together to build the Sun-Time watch brand in the late 1990’s.  His responsibilities with INKFISH center around making the brand identity for not only INKFISH Inspired products but also to support the product development efforts of their clients as well. INKFISH Inspired offers a unique blend of sales & marketing, product development and graphic design for its clients. It's a turnkey approach to product development where Blaine brings ideas from conception - to prototyping – and ultimately to the retail marketplace. Blaine can reached at: bhaverty@inkfishinspired.com

Brittany Schoer

  Social Media Marketing Director 

Brittany has been dancing since age three and fell in love with writing in late high school. While at UW, in addition to her dance classes, Brittany took courses in technical writing, editing for publications, magazine writing, writing for public forums, and writing for nonprofits.

In August of 2014, she was offered an internship with the Wyoming Institute for Disabilities (WIND), as the Information Services Intern. In this role, she wrote articles of current events happening through WIND, did interviews, took photos, edited content, created newsletters and managed their social media (Facebook, Twitter). At the end of the semester, WIND offered Brittany a part-time paid position, which she continued through graduation in 2015, and worked remotely until October 2016.

Additionally, Brittany worked with the Snowy Range Summer Dance Festival, held at UW, in 2015 as the Grants & Funding Intern, to connect potential donors to fund the festival and provide financial assistance to students.

Brittany is a Colorado native, currently living in Alamosa, CO. She also teaches yoga, fitness, and dance in her community. Brittany can be reached at: