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Whether you’re looking for car wash brushes or boat brushes, you need to focus on quality. Our brushes are made with the finest airport quality aluminum and foam hog’s hair, so they are lighter, stronger, and last longer! Once you try an Inkfish brush, you’ll never go back.

Car Wash Brushes

Our car wash brushes use aircraft quality aluminum in our brush heads to make them lighter and stronger than your average brush!
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Boat Brushes

When you are looking for boat brushes you want the best materials and quality. Our hog's hair brushes last longer than nylon brushes.
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A Brush With Excellence

All About Quality

We make sure our brushes are made with the best materials to last longer.

Value that cannot
be beaten

Top quality doesn't have to be expensive! We keep our prices reasonable.

Priding ourselves in our experience

We have over six years of experience manufacturing and selling our brushes.

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we answer

Our customer service begins with a real person answering your call.

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